Teen photography

By Jo Frances – 2015 NZ Classic Portrait Photographer of the Year
Photos that capture that special time in life
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The teenage years 

Teen photos can be fascinating and insightful. They can often be quite self-conscious and I work hard to draw out teens and get genuine reactions from them!

We can make their photography session unique by bringing their interests into the shoot to really show who they are.

These sessions are often the last time that families get photographed together before teens leave home – don’t miss out!

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Moved to tears, twice!

The photo made my Mum cry twice – once when they first got it out of the tube and again when she got it out to show my aunty. Dad didn’t cry but he did go suspiciously quiet and then had to go and do some urgent gardening for a bit. So overall I’d say it was a huge success. Thank you so much for that!

Teen photography by Jo Frances Photography
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