Children photography

By Jo Frances – 2019 Winner NZ Family Photographer of the Year
Charming photos that capture their little characters
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I love to photograph children of all ages

Each child brings their own magic to their photoshoot and its my job to bring that out in a creative and fun way!  From the serious and soulful to the side-splitting laugh, I will work with you and your child to reveal their inner spirit. I have a fantastic range of great props and I also encourage you to bring anything special and meaningful you would like to incorporate in your session. Tell me just what you love about your child!  These sessions can be in my comfy warm studio or in a beautiful outdoor location.

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Priceless photos!

BREATHTAKING. I collected my precious photos today – the results of my third visit to the studio, and once again I could not be more thrilled. She captured his spirit so well – his energy and his little personality are in every single snap she took. The time she invested exploring exactly what I was wanting from the shoot paid off – I couldn’t help but shed a tear when I saw the results! Whilst I usually approach professional photography with cynicism (we paid a fortune for our wedding photos and prefer the shots taken by friends and family) I have been taken aback by this company. This process is not cheap but the experience is unforgettable and the precious photos are priceless. An absolute must. Thank you so, so much.

Children photography by Jo Frances Photography
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